Things To Know Before Traveling To Jamaica

Things To Know Before Traveling To Jamaica – Jamaica is a wonderful vacation destination and nowhere else in the world can you find such a rich, authentic and cultural experience. As with traveling to any other destination, it’s helpful to know the dos and don’ts when traveling to Jamaica. Be careful

Everything in Negril is designed to take advantage of the location along Negril’s famous Seven-Mile Beach.

Things To Know Before Traveling To Jamaica

Things To Know Before Traveling To Jamaica

Read on for our 28 travel tips for Jamaica that we hope will help you plan your next amazing experience!

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Is Jamaica safe to travel?: Jamaica is a safe travel destination and a popular destination for American tourists. Good to know: All inclusive resorts are designed to be closed to the public. Going outside the resort? Your accommodation is happy to recommend a reputable guide.

Dunn’s River Falls is one of the most famous places in Jamaica. Located near Ocho Rios, Sandals Ochi and Sandals Royal Plantation.

Jamaica is one of the largest islands in the Caribbean, which means you’ll have plenty to do during your vacation. Before your trip, search for the tourist attractions you want to see the most. This will help you plan your stay. Knowing where you want to go and the distance from the resorts on the island will help you decide where to stay. Ideally, you want to book a resort that offers easy access to these places. Not sure where to stay in Jamaica? Check out our articles “Top Tourist Attractions in Jamaica” and “Best Attractions in Jamaica”.

When traveling abroad, register for free services such as the Smart Traveler Registration Program (STEP). Just register your trip with the nearest US Embassy or Consulate and you will start receiving information from the Embassy about your upcoming vacation. This service makes it easy for the US Embassy and your friends and family to contact you in an emergency.

Things First Time Visitors Must Know Before Traveling To Jamaica

Pre-arrangement of airport transfers is essential for every trip. This helps prevent you from getting there and not knowing how to get around or what a reasonable taxi or rental fee is. Avoid being overcharged, neglected or even harassed by drivers who may or may not be licensed, and make sure your transportation arrangements are completed before you leave home. At some all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica, such as the family-friendly and adults-only Sandals Resorts, airport transfers are included as part of your all-inclusive package (some rooms have private luxury transfers!).

Traveling can be fast and stressful in many ways, especially if you are traveling with a large family that includes children. Keep track of everyone’s passports by putting them in a unique passport holder, perhaps with a name tag, so you can find what you need quickly. The time you’ll save (and the sanity you’ll maintain) will be worth it in the end.

Looking for an all kid friendly resort? Jamaican resorts feature water parks, kids’ clubs, fun activities for all ages, Sesame Street characters, certified babysitters and more! Check out Negril and Ocho Rios.

Things To Know Before Traveling To Jamaica

Don’t rely on strangers at the airport to lend you a pen; It is more practical to bring your own. Pack at least two pens in your carry-on bag so you can fill out tax and immigration forms and other documents faster. The faster you complete it, the sooner you’ll be out of the airport and on your vacation in Jamaica.

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Bonus tip: If you’re traveling through Montego Bay’s Sangster International Airport, spend a little extra time at Club Mobay. This will speed up the immigration process and get you comfortable in your resort in no time. Worth every penny!

It’s a good idea to at least change your money to the local currency, as you may need smaller bills or coins if you buy souvenirs, tricks or other things that might happen. In many cases, the locals can’t (or won’t) let you convert to USD, so you can change if you use USD as your main currency on the island. If you use USD, get a smaller bill. Keep your money safe in your wallet, money belt or in your room safe. When you travel, only take the money you need for the day. Note that USD 50 converted to local currency (about JMD 6997) is a lot for one day in Jamaica.

Pro Tip: You can get local currency from most ATMs on the island or go to a local bank to exchange your currency. Most airports offer currency exchange services, as well as concierge services at Sandals hotels and resorts.

It can take some time to get used to the different ways of working in foreign destinations, but knowing the differences can save your life. In most Caribbean islands, drivers drive on the left, while in the United States they drive on the right. When crossing the road in Jamaica, you may find that you have to try more actively to look left (as well as right) to avoid oncoming traffic.

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Seven Mile Beach in Negril has been voted repeatedly as one of the best in the world, known for its sunsets, soft white sand, clear blue waters and island soul.

A trip to Jamaica without visiting one of these places would be a complete waste of amazing opportunities – especially the magnificent Seven Mile Beach, which may be the most vibrant and beautiful in Jamaica. While you’re in Jamaica, check out Doctor’s Cave Beach in Montego Bay, which is perfect for relaxing.

Wondering what to wear in Jamaica? The sun is always hot in the Caribbean, so it’s a good idea to pack sunscreen in your bag before heading out. A hat and insect repellent are also helpful, and in some cases sunglasses. Dress comfortably and if going to the beach outside the resort bring a towel and change of clothes. Beach towels are provided by all inclusive resorts.

Things To Know Before Traveling To Jamaica

Enjoy the wonders of the islands from the best seat in the house – on a Reggae Island Routes family catamaran cruise.

Traveling In Jamaica

Relying on a taxi driver to take you to the best place is not always a good idea, especially if it’s a driver you don’t know and have never ordered before. At worst, the driver will take you to their best spot while you don’t know what you want to do, or they will overcharge you for the experience. Some taxi drivers in Jamaica have been known to pick up and drop off their friends and family on “trips”, something you may want to avoid.

Most resorts allow you to book a tour at the resort itself, where the hotel staff can help arrange the car and return it to the hotel. In addition to your resort reservation, you can also arrange a rental car to make getting around easier or sign up for a guided tour of specific areas on the island.

Pro tip: Even if you choose to stay at an all-inclusive resort, it’s a good idea to leave the resort and go sightseeing for at least half a day. Jamaica was made for exploring, so make the most of it!

Is drinking water safe in Jamaica? For the most part, tap water in Jamaica is safe to drink, but in more remote areas you may want to avoid drinking tap water directly unless it has been boiled, filtered or otherwise treated. To be safe, it’s probably best to stick to mineral water or other bottled styles sold in most supermarkets, shops and bars on the island. However, brushing your teeth with tap water is generally considered safe. Good to know: Resort and Sandals tap water in Jamaica is filtered by the resort.

Interesting Fun Facts About Jamaica

During the low season, which runs from June to November of the year , you should expect rain from time to time. In spring, the weather is usually stable, so short rains here and rarely. Rest assured, you can still expect plenty of sunshine every day, even in the rainy season.

If there’s any travel advice you’ll regret not following when you arrive in sunny Jamaica, this is it. There are so many opportunities to visit water parks, water parks and waterfalls in Jamaica that it makes sense to keep your phone safe in a waterproof case; This way you can still take pictures and use your phone without damaging it.

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Things To Know Before Traveling To Jamaica

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