The Best Diving Sites In The Maldives: A Guide For Scuba Enthusiasts

The Best Diving Sites In The Maldives: A Guide For Scuba Enthusiasts – Best Dive Pvt Ltd. was established in 2003. However, the name of the diving and water sports operator was originally Bolifushi Dive Center, located at Bolifushi Island Resort in South Male Atoll.

The company changed its name to Best Dives in 2008 and, according to Eric van Melis, general manager of Best Dives, includes water sports, cruises and boating.

The Best Diving Sites In The Maldives: A Guide For Scuba Enthusiasts

Best Diving now offers training and tours, PADI diving, VDWS water sports, motorized and non-motorized water sports activities, day trips, fishing, big games and luxury cruises. Excursions offered by Best Dives include snorkeling, island hopping, sunset tours and traditional Maldives fishing tours. The company also provides transfer services from the airport to the resort and vice versa.

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Trained professionals provide these services to tourists and, according to van Melis, “our goal is not only the best but also the best, so we provide regular training opportunities”. Best Dives currently has 130 employees, including a boatman, and 90% of the company is Maldivian.

Best Dives is an active member of DAN Europe, an international non-profit medical and research organization dedicated to the safety and health of Scuba PADI EMEA divers and VDWS. In 2012, Best Dive received the PADI Award for Outstanding Diver Training.

Best Dives currently operates diving and water sports centers at six luxury resorts in the Maldives. These include Jumeirah Vittaveli Resort & Spa, Jumeirah Devanafushi Resort & Spa, Viceroy Maldives, Centara Grand Resort & Spa, Centara Rasfushi Resort & Spa and Madhoogali Maldives. “We are always focused on improving service and innovation, and our goal is always to do our best in this area,” said van Melis.

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This stunning underwater peak is appreciated for its massive climbs. Napoleon wrasses and stingrays are often seen hiding under these barriers, while jacks, tunas and even dolphins hunt within a few meters. And besides all the big stuff, the Fire Goby and the little Fairy Baslet offer a variety of colors with tropical fists.

Reethi Thila is a prime example of a typical Maldivian dive site. These submerged peaks are full of cracks and peaks that contain many interesting species. In fact, the site is home to many species of marine life that even true fish lovers will find it difficult to fill out their diary.

A complete guide to the best diving in the Maldives. Explore Seasonal Atolls and Support Tips in this free 37-page destination guide.

Not surprisingly, Hanifaru Beach, one of the most popular destinations in the Maldives, offers amazing encounters with manta rays and whale sharks every year. Visitors can enjoy snorkeling among the dozens if not hundreds of manta rays as they run like hungry swimmers and spin around plankton flowers.

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The protected marine reserves of Dhigala Haa have become a favorite for shark hunting. Many small caves and caverns also provide shelter for the school of fish, and snails, jackals and baracuda can be seen swimming in blue.

As the name suggests, this dive site is fast and agile. Necessary for advanced diving. Looking through the sand dunes, divers can see many species of animals, including sharks, reefs, gray eagles, tuna, jackals and baracuda. Some sheltered beaches also provide a break for healthy coral growth.

With its bow jumping out of the water like a whale, this dive spot is immediately recognizable. Blown shells attract divers and divers, and nearby pieces are below 30 meters, providing many opportunities for deeper exploration. The current promotes healthy coral cover, and this venue is home to the Napoleon Whale Reef School and the life of animals such as nurse sharks and gray reef sharks.

Offering multiple cleaning stations in one location, this site is renowned for providing a continuous manta ray experience. In the right season, divers can also see the cyclone’s rare breeding behavior as the rays capture Plankton perfectly. Whitetip reef sharks, Napoleon wrasses and barracuda can also be seen.

Scuba Diving In South Ari Atoll, Maldives

Gilifushi Thira is known by many names, including Rainbow Leaf. Because the decorative corals are well presented. In fact, the site is even called Soft Coral Capital of the World. Located in the waterway, the shelter between the rocky island islands is a mix of caves, holes and cracks, as well as a 25-meter vertical swimming pool known as a chimney. Gray reef sharks, tuna eagles and baracuda all call this Tirah house.

Located at Guraidhoo Bay, the Guraidhoo Corner is a spectacular dive site with great diversity and laundry currents. Fish schools on reefs are common, such as trevally striped tuna and abundant grouper. The beautiful and friendly Napoleon wrasse is a favorite of many visitors and you can also see white sharks and amazing sharks.

Cocoa Thira in its perfect condition is definitely one of the best dive sites in the Maldives. With the right current, divers can deliberately run up to this 400-meter peak and watch trevally tuna and eagle rays chase beyond the drop. Gray reef sharks also patrol the area. Divers will welcome the many caves that provide much-needed rest from the ocean currents.

This world-famous dive has plummeted to a depth of 200 meters, making it one of the best places to get up close and personal with a hammerhead shark. Stop at sunset to fall asleep and watch Plankton glow below while waiting for the hammerhead shark school to emerge from the seabed. An experience you will never forget.

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Rasdhoo Madivaru is a horse-shoe-shaped reef with an intricate network of overflow cracks and crevices that provide a stunning background for incredible action. Diving Here you can see everything from blue sharks, manta rays, eagles, stingrays, baracuda, giant sharks and jacks school. Occasionally dolphins are seen eating cash sharks, hammerheads, sharks, guitars and garden eels!

One of the most popular dive sites in the bustling Maldives, Thira is one of the best dive sites on the planet. Earth. Shallow water is home to frogs and octopuses, but most importantly, deep water. Schools of hungry big tigers, her worm patrols and white sharks, schools of eagle rays and solo guitar sharks are all visible.

Fesdhoo Lagoon is the most unique underwater experience on the North Ari Atoll. In these hidden shallow waters at night many manta rays gather under the light of the boat. Divers can hover over the sand as the manta rays blow and the tank moves between them. And if you are really lucky, you can also see the rare behavior of the cyclone of the manta ray!

Also known as the Kudi Maa Shipwreck, which intentionally sank in 1998, the site is a haven for underwater photographers due to its rich macro life. Frogs, catfish, and sea urchins are all common attractions. The skeleton is straight and intact and the level of exploration varies

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