Things To Know Before Traveling To Bali

Things To Know Before Traveling To Bali – From walking people to understanding monkeys, there are several ways to make a trip to Bali a great experience. We’ve put together 16 great tips for making the most of your trip to the Island of the Gods.

Editor’s Note: During the COVID-19 period there are travel restrictions in place. Check the latest advice before you go, and always follow local health advice.

Things To Know Before Traveling To Bali

Things To Know Before Traveling To Bali

Once upon a time, Bali, one of the most beautiful islands in the world, was an untouched paradise. It’s hard to escape the crowds in South Bali and Ubud, but those who want to be alone will do well to find many hidden corners beyond the main tourist areas. Travel to the highlands of central, northern and western Bali.

The Best Of Nusa Penida: Everything You Need To Know About Bali’s Most Beautiful Island

It pays to plan your base in Bali, as the traffic and hot weather may mean you stay at a hotel or guesthouse instead of walking around or taking taxis. If you’re looking for true R&R, Kuta might not be for you. If you want to shop up a storm and eat more than your weight in delicious food, you can’t get enough of a week in Nusa Lembongan. Find your destination with the help of Lonely Planet’s first ‘Bali’ Guide.

Eating out doesn’t have to stop you from spending your Bali vacation within two steps of the bathroom. In the past, salad, cut fruit, sugar cubes and many other foods were on the danger list, but hygiene standards have improved significantly throughout the country, and many kitchens offer organic products. Even if the color is there, it should be dehydrated and avoid the famous local beer.

, and eat outside food very carefully, should keep fear Bali.

Beachwear doesn’t always cut it in Bali – many high-end bars, restaurants and clubs enforce a dress code. If you’re not sure, call ahead to avoid the embarrassment of being returned.

The Best Time To Visit Bali For Good Weather And Better Prices

Bali is dominated by religion. Do not enter the queen when the road is closed for the party, or your driver pulls in the middle of the planned trip – all this is part of the magic of the island. Plan your trips to Nyepi Falls and everything in Bali (even the airport) closes for the day, and always dress appropriately (shoulders and knees covered) and behave appropriately when going to temples and holy places.

And shopping in the local markets, but you may want to save your life. Drinks, food, spa treatments and room rates in luxury hotels are similar to Australia, UK and US. Check out online events and happy hours to keep your budget happy.

Have enough space for wild and stray animals. They may look cute, but rabies is another deadly disease in Bali, and monkeys are notorious for stealing. There are many stray dogs in Bali and they are very bad. If you want to make a difference, consider donating a “dog” to a Bali dog shelter that helps rescue and rehabilitate stray dogs on the island.

Things To Know Before Traveling To Bali

Bali’s heat and humidity call for constant hydration, but think about the locale before buying another bottled drink. A lot of plastic waste washes up on Bali’s beaches, with officials saying up to 60 tons a day during the rainy season. Help reduce this number by investing in a refillable stainless steel bottle; Many restaurants and bars have water filters that you can use for free or for a small fee.

Indonesia On A Budget

Keep in mind the rainy season in Bali (January to April and October to November) when planning your trip. The prices are high, but if you spend your vacation indoors, you may wonder if the trip is worth it. Fortunately, the rain is limited for a short spring day, so your vacation will not be completely disrupted.

The visa system for entering India is being revamped, with the introduction of a computerized system. Be sure to check with your local Indonesian embassy or consulate to find out the latest requirements for your country before you travel.

Bali’s mountains are very active and have few problems with flights, hotel accommodation or traveling around the island. Follow the travel guidelines.

Indonesia’s legal system is confusing and controversial, but it’s best not to argue with the police if you’re accused of a crime without reason, and pay “everything” in kind. Don’t expect special immigration treatment, and don’t say that being in a relationship with drugs is a very bad idea.

Bali For First Timers: 21 Things To Know Before You Go!

You can buy a lot of goods and services in Bali, but do it with respect and a smile on your face. You know when a customer has reached their limit, and that’s when you don’t push them. When in doubt, walk away – if the seller doesn’t follow through, you can be sure they aren’t willing to lower their price.

Even if you are a beach lover and surfer, Bali’s strong currents, waves and exposed rocks can be tricky, so be careful not to swim unless you are very brave. Show the same respect for the beach by leaving trash (including cigarettes) behind – when the tide comes in, it gets pulled out to sea at a high cost to the marine environment.

Terrorism and natural disasters have plagued Bali, and with nearly 6 million tourists hitting the beaches each year, it’s sure to be difficult for some fans. Party safety, always wear a helmet when riding a bike or scooter, be polite and don’t do anything you wouldn’t do in your own country – that way, if you’re on the holiday of a lifetime.

Things To Know Before Traveling To Bali

The Natural World of the Only Planet invites you to reconnect with nature through a detailed look at the culture, nature and history of the only planet left on Earth. the richest country in the world. With 13,466 islands, it is huge. But Indonesia beyond Bali and Lombok (and the Gili Islands) is unknown to many tourists. For example, Sumatra (80 times the size of Bali!) is almost universal. People often ask: “Should I go to India?”

Awesome Things To Do In Bali In 2023

Where! This island – full of different cultures – stretches from west to east across 5000km (3110 miles) making it one of the most inspiring countries in the world. From pre-trip planning to essential tips and safety tips, here are 15 things you need to know to help you plan your trip to Indonesia.

Most visitors to Bali try to avoid the rainy season (usually November to March), but there is never a bad time to visit Indonesia. With the length of the storm, the rain is short and sharp, creating an unforgettable sound and light. There are still plenty of sunny days between brief storms. There is also an opportunity for the small ones (and lower prices) because this is still a small season… but the main problem is that the first rain of the year washes plastic waste (one of the biggest problems in Indonesia) down the rivers. and on the shores of the sea. .

Elsewhere in the country, in West Papua and the Maluku Islands, there is a rainy season between September and March. Sumatra Rapa (1000km/620 miles long) and Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) are large enough to have their own seasons. Generally, March to October is best to avoid heavy rains in these areas. This is important in forest areas because some areas cannot be reached during the rainy season.

As always (especially before COVID), UK, US, Canadian, and Australian citizens are offered free shipping for 30 days upon arrival. You can choose to pay US$35 for a “Visa on arrival”, which can be extended for another 30 days. E-visa is provided so that you can apply online before going through the Indonesian Embassy.

Things You Need To Know Before Going To Bali

It is said that one out of ten languages ​​in the world is spoken in Indonesia. Most of the islands have their own different languages ​​(some hundreds) and only English is spoken in the tourist areas. Fortunately for the traveler, Bahasa Indonesia (literally “Indonesian language”) is spoken by everyone, except educated youth and some village elders. The language is easy to learn, and Indonesians from different regions appreciate it even if they try to speak their language. (Indonesian is very similar to Malay, so trying to learn this language will also help you when traveling to Malaysia, Sarawak, and Sabah).

Wear comfortable, cool clothes

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