Is Trastevere A Good Place To Stay In Rome

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Planning a trip to see the wonders of the Italian city, but not sure where to stay in Rome? Our guide to living in Rome features 12 Roman villages that have something for everyone and will help you choose the place for you.

Is Trastevere A Good Place To Stay In Rome

Whether you’re looking to meet the locals, enjoy a bit of creative business, are traveling on a budget, or want to live near a green park, let the authors Romanian text takes you to the best places in town.

Where To Stay In Trastevere (2022)

Areas close to Rome’s main train station can be convenient and convenient, especially since you will be close to lines A and B as well as many buses and trains. In addition, the train station is very close to the city, and you can reach the Colosseum or Piazza Venezia in half an hour on foot.

While this is a very convenient location, as there are many train stations, you should be careful at night. It might be safer to stay away from the area near Via Giovanni Giolitti, but outside of the train station near Via Marsala is usually quiet. Even better, less than five minutes from Termini, the area near Piazza Repubblica is probably the best place to stay and also close to the train station.

Financial services: The Yellow, a prestigious hotel with bars, clubs and various activities for guests looking to party and meet other travelers.

Upscale accommodation: The Hive Hotel, a stylish 4-star hotel with a large roof terrace with stunning views and an open-air restaurant.

What To See And Do In The Trastevere Neighborhood In Rome

The vibrant and beautiful community of Monti is one of the best places to live. Halfway between the Termini train station and the Colosseum, the small town is a narrow network of old buildings and small squares.

This area has restaurants and bars and a lively nightlife. You will also find a vintage shop and many small shops selling handicrafts, clothes and gifts. Monti Urban Market is open every weekend and sells new and vintage clothing, jewelery and art.

The area is served by metro line B but you are only 15 minutes walk from Termini where you can catch metro line A and many buses. Monti is Rome’s most artistic and modern city, and a great base from which to explore the city.

High-end services: The Inn at the Roman Forum, a 5-star hotel with elegant rooms and a roof terrace, just minutes from the Roman Forum.

Where To Stay In Rome: 10 Best Areas & Neighbourhoods

The Tridente is a trident-shaped area sandwiched between Via di Ripetta and Via del Babbuino, with Via del Corso running in the middle, from Piazza Venezia to Piazza del Popolo. This is the area with the most tourists, so it is ideal if you want to be within walking distance of attractions such as the Spanish Steps, Fontana di Trevi, Pantheon, Piazza Navona and Piazza del Popolo.

Due to its location near the high-end shopping street and many important places, this area is cheaper, and there are also fewer shops and convenience stores. On the other hand, you will find many restaurants, whether you are looking for a nice place or a cheaper price. The Tridente is the place to stay if you want to be able to reach Rome’s attractions and fountains in minutes.

Metro line A stops at Piazza di Spagna and Piazza del Popolo, making the area easy to reach from most of Rome.

High-end services: Hotel Valadier, a beautiful 4-star hotel near Piazza del Popolo, with everything from our restaurant and piano bar to the fitness center.

Stars Hotel In Trastevere Rome

If you want to experience the real night life of Rome, the neighboring areas of Trastevere and Campo de Fiori are your best bet. Trastevere is probably the most beautiful neighborhood in Rome, with narrow cobbled alleys, vine-covered buildings and traditional restaurants with beautiful terraces.

Campo de Fiori, on the banks of the Tiber, is less interesting, with its large square that gives the neighborhood its name as one of the most famous farmers in holiday.

The whole area usually comes alive at night, and is frequented by locals and tourists. Trastevere tends to be more local, while Campo de Fiori is more international, but both tend to be crowded.

The area is also within walking distance of many tourist attractions, such as Piazza Navona, Castel Sant’Angelo, Largo Argentina and the Jewish Ghetto. While there are no metro lines that reach Trastevere or Campo de Fiori, you can easily reach them by bus or train.

Best Things To Do In Trastevere, Rome — Entertain The Idea

Accommodation: B&B Ventisei Scalini a Trastevere, a colorful bed and breakfast close to Piazza Trilussa, in the heart of Trastevere; Navona First Room, in Campo de Fiori, just minutes from Piazza Navona.

Upscale place: Donna Camilla Savelli, a beautiful hotel in a former convent in Trastevere that looks like 17

Century palace, with a beautiful garden; Hotel Ponte Sisto, a 4-star hotel next to the river in Campo de Fiori, with a beautiful roof and a view of the city.

Ludovisi is an area where you will find Via Veneto, a beautiful, clean street lined with restaurants, high-end restaurants and expensive hotels. This is probably the most beautiful and most expensive place to stay in Rome, with hotels such as Majestic, Ambassadors and Grand Hotel Palace. The route starts at Piazza Barberini and ends at the beginning of Villa Borghese.

How To Plan The Perfect Day In Trastevere, Rome

Near Rione (neighborhood) is Sallustiano, definitely a cheaper place but still very beautiful and caring, with cozy restaurants and trattorias. Both neighborhoods are very close to many places, and you can easily walk to Piazza di Spagna and Fontana di Trevi.

You will also be next to Villa Borghese, Rome’s most famous park. The area is well connected by public transport, with metro line A stopping at Barberini.

High-end services: Romanico Palace Luxury Hotel & SPA, the best 4-star hotel that looks like a Baroque palace, with a roof terrace and spa with sauna; Hotel Majestic, an iconic 5-star hotel located on Via Veneto.

Pigneto is a hip alternative, and one you should stay in if you want a real local experience. The neighborhood is like a small village, comfortable, but more active in the evenings and on weekends.

Trastevere, Rome Guide: The Best Things To Do And Eat

Just 15 minutes by tram from Termini train station, the area is now well connected to the city center, with the metro line C, making it easy to get there.

Once an abandoned neighborhood, Pigneto is now an arts and culture center, with theaters, music venues, small shops and art galleries. , and more art. Pigneto’s walk has restaurants and cafes in the afternoon and evening, and every morning with fruits and vegetables for farmers every day.

Accommodation: B&B Abitazione Pigneto Rome, family bed and breakfast near the promenade, easy and comfortable.

High end services: Eurostars Roma Aeterna, one of the few, if not the highest hotel in the area, with terrace and gym.

Where To Stay In Rome: A Complete Guide For First Timers

San Lorenzo is one of Rome’s student districts, due to its proximity to Sapienza University. That means it is a place to enjoy an aperitivo or a cheap beer in the evening and mingle with the local youth.

As always there are trattorias and cheap bars, you will also find some beautiful places, like the famous Said, an old chocolate factory built in 1923 where you can buy sweets. The neighborhood is also known as a cultural hotspot, with cultural communities and arthouse cinema theaters.

San Lorenzo is conveniently located near the Termini train station, which can be reached on foot in about 15 minutes. There is no metro station nearby, but tram lines 3 and 19, and many buses, will take you to many places such as the Colosseum or Termini within 15 minutes.

Accommodation: Hotel B&B Roma San Lorenzo Termini, a comfortable modern bed and breakfast with beautiful rooms, in the heart of San Lorenzo.

Where To Stay In Rome: Best Areas And Neighbourhoods

High-end accommodation: Ateneo Garden Palace, the high-end hotel as you will find in San Lorenzo, with a beautiful garden and bar.

A beautiful mix of residential areas and old streets, the neighborhood of Piramide and Testaccio has a lot for restaurants, nightlife and culture.

From the metro station Piramide, the wide tree-lined Viale Aventino leads to Circo Massimo, a larger area, with quiet streets, beautiful villas and many green areas. Nearby you will find a beautiful orange garden overlooking the Tiber, and St. Peter through the keyhole.

Testaccio is the area that stretches from the Piramide to the river, and has restaurants, bars, shops, and

Hotels In Trastevere Rome: Cheap, Affordable & 5 Star Hotels

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