Best Restaurant At Fisherman Wharf San Francisco

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Fisherman’s Wharf is arguably one of the most visited neighborhoods in San Francisco, and perhaps even the most famous. Come see what all the fuss is about

Best Restaurant At Fisherman Wharf San Francisco

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Pier 45 San Francisco: Fire Destroys Warehouses At Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf is known for Peter 39, Ghirardelli Chocolates, sea lions, stagecoaches and more. This neighborhood should be at the top of every visitor’s list when in San Francisco, if only for the views of the bay and Alcatraz you can find there.

As you might guess from the name of the neighborhood, seafood is one of the most popular dining options here. From casual dining to fancy French cuisine, read on to find out what Fisherman’s Wharf has to offer you and your appetite.

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Scoma has been around since 1965 and is a Fisherman’s Wharf favorite. The restaurant is right on the water and offers great views whether you sit inside or outside. All seafood is special here! From crab cakes to clams to oysters, get ready to drink and eat.

Shrimp, Crab And Lobster Meals At Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 612744

The sea here is very fresh. Scoma has its own fishing boat and you can watch the fishermen release their fresh catch every morning up to the fish reception station at Scoma Pier.

An Argentinian food truck with an outdoor patio perfect for a short break or just looking for something more casual. You’ll find empanadas, burgers, choripas, steak sandwiches and more at this restaurant. The prices are reasonable and the out-of-towners don’t know about Tanguito, so it feels far from tourist traps.

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Hop off a small group and see a local San Francisco expert. Visit the Golden Gate Bridge, Twin Peaks, and countless hidden gems in this full-on exploration. The final destination of the day is Alcatraz. Board the ship and see the stunning surroundings of San Francisco Bay before arriving at the infamous prison. Once out, enjoy the famous Cellhouse Audio Tour where you can explore the entire prison and island. The hotel may include pickup.

Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurants

For those looking for traditional fish and chips, look no further! Owned and run by a woman for the first time in the UK, you’ll feel like you’re getting a great deal here. The menu is somewhat limited, offering fish, shrimp, calamari and various fried baskets.

The portions are generous and the restaurant is only a block from the water. The only downside is the outdoor seating (more like a food truck set up), but the fish and chips will warm you up quickly. This is a popular spot with SF locals and by far the best place to eat fish and chips in the area.

Surisan describes the food as American comfort breakfast and Asian-inspired brunch, with an emphasis on innovative Korean meals. Expect to dine on a variety of scrambled eggs, eggs Benedict, kimchi fried rice or Korean fried chicken. The atmosphere inside is modern and innovative and a bit like an industrial space that has been thoughtfully renovated. This is a good choice for those who want to try fusion food and feel like brunch.

While we usually try to only offer non-tourists options, Boudin Bakery is a tourist hit that’s really worth a stop. Boudin Bakery is famous for its sour bread. They use four simple ingredients – flour, water, salt and yeast – and have been wowing customers since 1849 in San Francisco.

The Worst Bar In San Francisco Has The City’s Best View

At Boudin at the Wharf, the flagship building located on the famous 39 Peter, you can eat and watch the bakers at work through the observation window. They also have a two-way intercom system so customers can ask the bakers questions while they are working.

Of course, we do not suggest that you only eat a baguette (although you may wish to). As a chef, Boudin in a bread bowl has become the star of the menu. This is one of the most famous restaurants in San Francisco!

The most popular dish is the clam chowder, although the country side, kale, cheddar and chili options are just as good. Boudin Bakery is a great family stop, but if you’re looking for something a little more upscale, they also have a place called Boudin Bistro not far away that you can try.

A family run restaurant serving the best fresh seafood. Additionally, this was also the first restaurant on Fisherman’s Wharf to serve 100% sustainable seafood. Here you can eat cioppino, whole Dungeness crab, fried Pacific cod and more.

Good Food In San Francisco

The seating, both inside and outside, offers fantastic views of San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. The restaurant’s dishes are a little more upscale, but you don’t need to dress up here. This is a fantastic place to enjoy great seafood and one of the best views of Fisherman’s Wharf.

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American classics are served here, but the real star is the Irish Coffee that they’ve been serving since 1952. People literally come from all over the city to eat it! This is a simple, old bar that has a great classic atmosphere. You will find many regulars eating here. Plus, Buena Vista is next to Ghirardelli Square, so you can run and grab some Ghirardelli souvenirs later.

Gary Danko is the most elegant place on our list of Fisherman’s Wharf restaurants, having earned a Michelin star. The food is mostly French inspired, mixed with local. The atmosphere is best described as old fashioned luxury and you will feel more at home here than in other busy places. The most beautiful flower arrangements are always present and the wooden floors give this place a less modern but warm atmosphere.

Fisherman’s Wharf, Family Travel To San Francisco

As for the recommendations, save a table: the souffle souffle with vanilla bean crème anglaise is a house favorite. Exceptions must be made in advance.

Lunch is served every day! Of course, there are a few San Francisco twists, like a crab omelet and salmon-shrimp eggs Benedict. Burger sandwiches are also available. Believe it or not, the signature dish is the fresh fruit bowl (you’ll find fruit you’ve never seen before in a bowl, which is great).

You’ll find a case full of classic photos of old movie stars. Think of a typical American breakfast, but with a fun theme. Note that if you arrive on the weekend, you will need to arrive early (reservations are not accepted) or you will have to wait in line.

Make the most of your visit to San Francisco by choosing to stay in the best neighborhoods to see all that this iconic city has to offer. You’ll love our hotel recommendations. San Francisco is one of America’s most iconic and visited cities, with a visually distinct skyline and landmarks that can be recognized from any corner of the world.

San Francisco Things To Do

Perhaps the most visited area in San Francisco is the Fisherman’s Wharf itself along the North Shore of San Francisco.

Fisherman’s magazine is full of historical, cultural and natural attractions. Fisherman’s Wharf Pier 39 is full of restaurants and shops, and, not to mention, has a colonial vibe that attracts crowds of family sports.

Fisherman’s Wharf is also home to the famous Ghirardelli Factory, which has been turned into an engineer’s workshop and bait market.

While Fisherman’s Wharf is known for its clam chowder stand, many great restaurants and bars offer a variety of cuisines and dining experiences.

Of The Best Restaurants Close To Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco

Whether you’re looking for homemade pastries and traditional coffee or a stack of fish and chips, my list of the best restaurants on Fisherman’s Wharf/Pier 39 has something for every appetite.

Owned by the same family that helped Pier 39 grow into the iconic destination it is today, Fog Harbor Fish House is Pier 39’s longtime seafood restaurant, located at the entrance to The Embarcadero.

Fog Harbor Fish House is a 100% sustainable seafood restaurant

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