Best Place To Stay Big Island Hawaii

Best Place To Stay Big Island Hawaii – Choosing to stay on the Big Island for the first time is the first decision that will have a big impact on your trip. Therefore, it should be evaluated and researched as much as possible.

The most important factors in choosing the best place to stay will always be cost, mobility, transportation, weather, safety and proximity to major attractions.

Best Place To Stay Big Island Hawaii

By the time you finish this book, you will have all the insightful information and insights about everything that will help you decide where to stay on the Big Island for the perfect vacation.

The Top 5 Luxury Resorts On The Big Island Of Hawaii

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All of the Hawaiian Islands have a wet and dry side because of the nearby volcanoes that created them.

The sudden rise of volcanoes creates unique weather patterns. Not only do they protect one side of the island from the wind, but they also create less air, as the wind blows higher. As the wind increases in height, it cools faster and forms new air.

On the Big Island, the dry side is on the west coast and is commonly known as the Kona side. It is humid on the east coast and refers to Hilo.

Where To Stay In The Big Island (top 5 Areas In 2023)

Kona and Hilo are two large cities on either coast. We’ve listed the best places to stay in Kona Hilo below.

Kona is a great place to stay on the Big Island because it has dry, sunny and beautiful beaches.

In fact, almost all of the eastern seaboard has no sandy beaches at all! Instead of sand, the land is a huge rock wall that flows into the ocean.

If you only have more than 7 days on your Big Island trip, we recommend including two nights in Hilo.

Big Island Districts: Kona, Hilo, Volcano And Waimea

This allows you to find the narrowest part of the island and reduce the travel time required to reach your destination.

In this case, we recommend that you spend most of your time in the Kona area, but add a night or two in Hilo.

Before you start looking for the best hotels and restaurants, take a moment to check out the map below and find out where the deals are. This guide will help you decide where to stay on the Big Island.

The Kona and Kohala areas make up the west coast and are where you’ll find some of the best beaches on the Big Island. Also, most of the best accommodations in the city are located here.

The Perfect Big Island Itinerary For 2023: 7 Days In Paradise

The best places to stay on the Big Island are in the Kona and Kohala areas, with their warm, dry sun and great beaches.

Hilo Area: Besides Kona and Kohala, Hilo is the only other area that is considered for lodging. While this is on the side of a large island, the rains have made the rainforest beautiful and many waterfalls to be found nearby. But Hilo is on the quieter side for those who prefer peace and quiet over crowded beaches.

Ka’u District: Ka’u District is home to two famous beaches, including the world-famous Papakolea Green Sand Beach and Punaluo’s Black Sand Beach. But the area is very remote and there is not much to see or do outside these places.

Puna District: This is the gateway to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and has two beaches, but is not visited.

Where To Stay On The Big Island Of Hawaii: Hilo Or Kona Kohala?

Hamakua District: This district will be heavily governed by districts. But staying in place is good.

May may refer to the city of Kailua-Kona, Kona County, or Kona Island.

For ease of understanding and reference throughout this book, we will always refer to this area as the city of Kailua-Kona, the Kona area, or the Kona area.

We discussed why the Kona (west) side is the best place to stay on the Big Island, and that both areas offer great lodging, shopping, and restaurants, and are close to the beach. Both options are good.

The 6 Best Luxury Hotels On The Big Island

The farther west you go, the less sand there is. Waikoloa is in Kohala County, and is the northernmost town.

It is close to many beautiful beaches, including Anahuamalu Beach (A-Bay for short), Waikoloa Beach, and Hapuna Beach.

Waikoloa is also the most beautiful place on the Big Island. This is where you will find the best hotels and the best shopping.

Finally, Waikoloa is an easy drive to the beach. In other words, it’s the only part of the island where you can literally walk to the beach from your hotel.

Big Island, Hawaii: Our Essential Guide

Kona is the place to be. This is where the airport, shops, restaurants and shops are packed. You’ll also find a wide variety of accommodations here, from vacation rentals to AirBnB to hotels and restaurants.

Kona’s beaches are also beautiful, but they’re usually sandy with lava rocks and finer sand than you’ll find in the Kohala region to the north.

When choosing where to stay on the Big Island, many people choose Kailua-Kona because it’s the best part for tourists who get everything they want from a Hawaii vacation.

While Kona and Waikoloa are certainly great places to stay on the Big Island, there are other options that may appeal to those off the beaten track.

Things That Surprise First Time Visitors To The Big Island

If a summer vacation isn’t your main reason for choosing where to stay on the Big Island, consider one of these options.

Hi-Hilo has more cloudy days than the windward side of the island. However, this weather makes the best rain in Hawaii.

Nature lovers and hikers will find plenty to explore in the Hilo area, especially on the Wailuku River.

Hilo is not as young as many people think. It has an airport and many must have restaurants and food options. These range from fast food chains to fine dining, and there’s even a Wal-Mart.

Big Island: List Of Unique Places To Stay In Hawaii

In the north of the main island, there are a few scattered villages with small properties ranging from private villas to eco-lodges and AirBnBs. Mostly in the small towns of Hawi, Waimea and Honokaa.

The biggest thing on the North Shore of the Big Island is solitude. These areas are mostly neighborhoods and are likely to be quieter than the tourist stops.

They are also close to Waipio Valley, one of the best places to visit on the Big Island.

Hawaii is one of the few places in the world where you can see a lava lake in an active crater. Seeing the raw and brutal power of nature in the form of a volcano is truly one of the most unique experiences you will ever experience.

Where To Stay On The Big Island With Kids (2023)

Except for the photographers who work near the volcano, most visitors don’t spend a night near the national park, but this is a good option for the night.

Night is the best time to see all the lava in its entirety as a dark red against the surrounding darkness. Because the park is so remote, visiting this time can be difficult unless you stay nearby or plan a trip.

Hawaii Volcano House is the only non-camping hotel available in the national park. Outside of the park, Volcano Village offers the best lodging options, mostly cabins, lodges, and BnBs.

It’s aptly named the Big Island, which means there’s plenty to see and do with a long drive between each destination.

Where To Stay On The Big Island: Best Areas, Hotels, And Vacation Rentals

If you want to see the whole weekend, 1-2 weeks is the best time to stay on the Big Island of Hawaii.

If you’re looking for a few days of sunshine or are considering a multi-island trip to Hawaii, 3-5 days on the Big Island is plenty.

You have the option of doing 7-day trips to the Big Island or more. Do you want to book accommodation for your stay or do you want to move to a new place at least once to see more of the island and spend less time?

The advantage of staying in one place for a week is that it will be an easy plan and you won’t waste time paying and checking in multiple places. The downside is that if he does it every day, driving the same thing will always take longer.

The Best Family Friendly Resorts On Hawaii (the Big Island!)

At least the book itself

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