Where Is The Best Place To Stay In Seattle

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Much of your impression of the city depends on where you stay. Your hotel should feel like home, the environment should be bright and meet certain criteria that are important to you. At least it is for us. Singapore is no exception!

Where Is The Best Place To Stay In Seattle

A good hotel should be within walking distance to the nearest MRT station, at least close to some of Singapore’s attractions and restaurants, and reasonably priced.

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It’s a good thing that there are some great hotels in downtown Singapore that cater to these needs!

We don’t want you to go through the hassle of finding these gems yourself, so we’ve scoured the city to find the best places to stay in Singapore.

This post The Fruit of Our Labor: A Guide to the Best Places to Stay in Singapore will help you find what’s right for you.

So let’s get started – our accommodation guide provides a quick overview of Singapore’s most popular areas and our hotel recommendations for each area.

The World’s Best Places To Stay

We present 7 areas that we think are the best for vacation. If it’s your first time in Singapore, you’d better stay in Marina Bay or in the city area.

Or if you’re a bit frugal, Chinatown, Bagis and Kampong Glam and Little India could be good options for you. The other two areas, Orchard and Clarke Quay, also have their pros and cons.

These are the best places to stay in Singapore. We’ve also highlighted some specific locations to help you find your way around.

Last time we were in Singapore we stayed at YOTEL Singapore on Orchard Road. We definitely recommend it, especially if it’s your first time in town.

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The room type is around 120 euros per night. But the price may vary depending on the season. It was great value for money, the room was very clean and the view was amazing!

Our room was 14 square meters, but the space was used perfectly. There is a slot on each side of the bed where you can slide your suitcase (up to 70 litres). You can also raise the top of the bed, which gives more space in the room during the day.

Orchard Road MRT station is just around the corner, with lots of great restaurants and shops nearby, you can go anywhere anytime.

Marina Bay is undoubtedly the most famous part of Singapore. With its waterfront location, all its attractions and the world-famous Marina Bay Sands, it is the city’s biggest tourist magnet.

Where To Stay In Singapore

Its central location is a great advantage if you want to get to the rest of the city quickly: it borders trendy Clarke Quay with its vibrant nightlife to the north, the central business and civic district with its glittering skyscrapers and historic hearts to the west from Singapore to the east.

Of course, all of this convenience and entertainment comes at a price: Marina Bay is one of the most expensive holiday destinations in Singapore.

Our favorite search engine, booking.com, has 12 hotels in Marina Bay, all at great prices and with at least 5 stars. Unsurprisingly, these are mostly luxury hotel chains.

A view of the Singapore skyline from the rooftop of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. In front of the skyscrapers, the brightly lit building in the center of the shot is the Fullerton Hotel.

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The Orchard Road area is Singapore’s main shopping district. There are malls, malls and more malls, with a few shopping streets in between.

But don’t think that this is a soulless shopping park. The streets are lit up with colorful lights, there are countless trendy cafes and bars and some lovely parks where you can sit and relax.

There are many hotels around Orchard Road, including good boutique hotels, hostels and large chain hotels. Room rates are also slightly lower than in Marina Bay. We had a wonderful stay at YOTEL Singapore and highly recommend it.

Clarke Quay is centrally located and known for its vibrant nightlife. It’s home to Singapore’s hottest clubs including Attica, Canvas and Juke, countless bars, waterfront restaurants and just about anything else you could desire after the sun goes down.

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“After sunset” is the keyword – there is not much going on here during the day. But that soon changes when happy hour begins and the music starts playing!

Unfortunately, Clarke Quay doesn’t have many accommodation options – booking.com only lists three different hotels.

Chinatown is one of the oldest parts of the city and the Chinese settled here from the beginning.

The old charm of the temples, night markets and traditional shops still lingers today, although unfortunately the area is slowly but surely being swallowed up by the nearby central business district. But for now, you can still fully enjoy the charming atmosphere of this historic district.

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Chinatown is a popular destination for many tourists because of some cheap but not good hotels.

We stayed at Little India for the first time in Singapore and we were not disappointed! This area is a great alternative to the more expensive parts of the city as there are many affordable boutique hotels.

Indian lovers will feel right at home! Serakun Road is the district’s main thoroughfare and its busiest area. There are countless delicious Indian restaurants, colorful bazaars, shopping centers for cheap fashion and electronics.

In the evening it gets lively as locals gather around the corner for a cold beer and the restaurants start to fill up.

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As already mentioned, we stayed at the Wanderlust Hotel ourselves in Little India. The hotel is in a great location, is mid-range, and has some quirky themed rooms.

Bugis and Kampong Glam are actually two separate neighborhoods, but they easily blend together. Bugis is a neighborhood of shopping malls, restaurants and modern residential buildings, while Kampong has much more to offer culturally.

Also known as the Arab Quarter, this is a great place to shop for silk or while away the day at trendy cafes and independent designer boutiques. The area has a small but dedicated nightlife scene.

The Civic District is home to a wide range of museums and monuments and is in close proximity to Marina Bay, Clarke Quay and the Arab Quarter.

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Although food and drink prices are not as cheap as in Little India or Kampong Glam, the range of restaurants and nightlife is also desirable. The area is also known for one of the most famous hotels in the world, the Raffles Hotel.

Accommodation in the Civic District is generally very expensive, and there are no hostels for the budget traveler. Most of the hotels here are luxurious.

That concludes our hotel tips for Singapore. We hope we’ve been able to help you find the perfect area for your vacation. Have you ever been to Singapore? Where have you stayed and would you recommend it to others? Let us know in the comments below! Are you traveling to Singapore? What is the best place to stay in Singapore? Check out my recommended top luxury hotels, cheap budget hotels and cheap hostels in Singapore below!

When planning a trip to Singapore, you should consider where to stay. When I travel, I always consider 3 things when choosing a place to stay. First the location, second the price, third the rating and guest reviews. These 3 things help me decide where to stay and when to book hotels for my travels.

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Where to stay in Singapore? If you are not familiar with Singapore, I recommend you to choose a hotel or hostel in areas like Chinatown, Lavender, Little India, Clarke Quay, Bugis or Keilong. These areas are the best tourist spots in Singapore. With that, I share with you this guide to my recommended hotels and hostels in Singapore. Whether it’s a luxury hotel and resort, a mid-range hotel, or an affordable hostel, I hope this blog helps you find the perfect place to stay for your next trip!

When planning our trip to Singapore, we chose a hotel near a subway station. We stayed at Re for 5 days and 4 nights for our trip! @PearlHill. It is a boutique hotel with a modern retro theme in Singapore’s Chinatown. It is close to metro and bus stops

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