Best Time To Dive In The Maldives

Best Time To Dive In The Maldives – Looking for cheap Maldives holidays in 2023? Read on and discover our guide to local and tourist islands – all handpicked to keep diving costs down while leaving your Instagram feed looking Condé Nast photogenic!

Dotted with stunning islands, white sand beaches and incredible marine life, the Maldives is a dream destination for many – but diving in paradise comes at a price. The country has long been considered a playground for the rich and famous, allowing others to admire its beauty in travel magazines or through social media. But not anymore…

Best Time To Dive In The Maldives

The Complete Guide to Diving in the Maldives. Explore the atolls, seasons and tips in this 37-page guide.

Diving In The Maldives Tips You Should Know Before Planning A Trip There

For decades, tourism in the Maldives was limited to private islands or resorts. But in 2009, the government began allowing tourists to stay on the local islands, opening up more opportunities to explore the Maldives and take a diving holiday. Even if you’re not walking on the same beach as Lewis Hamilton or swimming in an infinity pool with Kim Kardashian, you can still enjoy your slice of paradise in the Maldives without being called by the bank manager!

Surrounded by fine dining restaurants, Thulusdhoo Island offers an à la carte way to experience the Maldives. Guests can stay in budget hotels in this popular atoll, while enjoying the first-class amenities of the Maldives. In addition, the island is a paradise with world-class beach breaks.

In the north, off the coast of North Mal Atoll, Diffushi Island is one of the cheapest and easiest islands to visit in the Maldives. With beautiful beaches and bikini beaches, this small local island is ideal for those looking for a luxury, affordable holiday.

North Male Atoll offers some of the most popular and sought after sites in the Maldives. Lucky divers can see everything from manta rays, eagle rays, turtles and sea turtles here. Popular spots include the Coliseum, Girifushi Thila, Manta Point, Banana Reef and the Maldives’ Victory Reef.

The 10 Best Diving Sites In The Maldives

If you are in Tulusdhoo Island, we recommend you stay at Canopus State. With stunning views of the lagoon and a short drive from ‘bikini beach’, this affordable local hostel is a haven for surfers, surfers and backpackers alike. Canopus Retreats works with several partner centers to provide professional and experienced guides.

Maafushi is one of the most expensive islands in the Maldives and a popular destination for budget vacations. Value for money – here you can enjoy day-to-day activities, luxury guest accommodation, vast palm groves, stunning beaches and day trips – all without breaking the bank. Maafushi’s location also means that charter boats or express boat transfers from the international airport are very affordable.

Located on the eastern side of the Southern Highlands, Maafushi is conveniently located for exploring the area’s many attractions. Kanduma Thila, Kakao Thila, Guraidho Corner, Kuda Giri Rec are amazing places that are easily accessible.

We recommend diving with the Maldives Passion group and staying at Stingray Beach Inn. This small, purpose-built hotel offers an authentic and relaxed atmosphere, with an excellent dive center run by Maldives Passion – voted best tourist center in Maafushi for six years running!

How To Swim With Manta Rays

Dharavandho is located in the eastern part of Baa Atoll, just five minutes from the famous Hanifaru Island, a small, sleepy island with sandy beaches, coral-colored buildings and affordable accommodation.

Surprisingly, the main attraction of Dharavandho is the UNESCO World Heritage Site where it is located. Protected by law, ecological sites like Dharavandho Thila, Digala Haa, Maavaru Kandu and Donphanu Thila offer diving. Hanifaru Bay, in particular, offers a unique experience, with sometimes hundreds of manta rays gathering to feed.

We recommend staying at Avila Manta Village – an eco-friendly resort that offers five-star minus five-figure prices. With a spectacular view of Hanifaru Bay and a professional and professional facility, Avila Manta Village is a true paradise for budget divers.

A little further north, the island of Donfonu is as original as it gets. At 700 meters high and with a few guesthouses, little has changed here over the centuries – men still go fishing in traditional boats, women grow fruit in pristine gardens and care for free-roaming children. you still play freely in the street.

Maldives Scuba Diving (with Photos): 12 Thrilling Sites To Explore In 2022!

Dive sites such as Donfanu Thila offer a great scuba diving experience, but Hanifaru Beach is an island-friendly destination. Sitting more or less on the nose of Honifaru, Donfanu Island gives you immediate access to this protected area of ​​the sea. In fact, the islands of Donfanu and Hanifaru are so close that their stunning mountains are one and the same.

The recently established Fehi Velaa Dive is the perfect option for unparalleled access to Hanifaru’s stunning manta reefs, less than five minutes away by direct boat.

Opening their doors since 2021, all of Fehi Velaa Dive’s facilities offer comfort and convenience in a new, comfortable environment.

Rasho is the oldest island in the Maldives and has been inhabited for hundreds of years. Colorful elements line the border with coral flowers and bougainvillea. Remnants of their Buddhist past can be found, and the locals still enjoy a traditional lifestyle.

Quick Guide To Scuba Diving In The Maldives

Rising out of the sea, this small atoll is recognized as one of the best places in the Maldives to spot humbirds, dive with manta rays and giant fish. Take a trip to Rasho and see the towering rock walls and stunning underwater landscape, relax on the beautiful beaches and enjoy the hospitality and hospitality.

Drop Dive Maldives is a fun, eco-friendly resort that offers exceptional value for money. With a non-profit marine conservation program, and an impressive roster of 24 unique courses, Drop Dive is a one-stop shop for the budget-conscious and adventure-minded.

Ukulhas Island is one of the best natural ecosystems in the Maldives. Located in the northern part of Golden Atoll, this island won the Green Award in 2014 for its great efforts in protecting and protecting the environment.

The island’s location in the North Atoll – also known as Alifu Alifu Atoll – means visitors are well placed for access to popular destinations. Near Maya Tila is the highest point of marine life and home to eagle rays, turtles, barracuda and more. Fish head includes reef and freshwater fish schools and habitats. Also, Rasdho Madivaru dives near Rasdho Atoll, offering morning encounters with the resident hammerheads.

Best Diving Sites In Maldives

We recommend staying with West Sand Ukulhas. Just a minute’s walk from the beach, they offer modern and well-located accommodation, as well as excursions, diving trips with the diving center, manta ray safaris, dolphin cruises and picnics on the sandy beach.

Digura, popularly known as the ‘long islands’, is only three kilometers long and less than 250 meters wide, and includes a fine and closed sandbank. Although it is not the cheapest way to visit the Maldives, this island has many attractions that are worth exploring.

Digura Island is located in the southern Golden Atoll, and is part of the Southern Golden Sea Protected Area, which is a mecca for budget travelers visiting the Maldives. This unique area offers year-round encounters with whale sharks and seasonal gatherings of manta rays. Nearby sightseeing spots include Kuda Rah Thila, Manta Point and Reti Thila.

Built with surfers in mind, Boutique Beach overlooks two and a half kilometers of beach and atoll lagoons, and is well-equipped to explore Ari’s southern world without ever stepping foot on shore.

When Is The Best Time To Go To The Maldives?

Fulidho Island, located in Vaavu, is famous for its diving, manta rays and abundant fish life, covering the walls and rocks with soft yellow coral. Foteyo Kandu is often considered one of the best diving spots in the Maldives and a night dive at Alimata Jetty – with its many nurses and divers – is not to be missed!

This beautiful island is 700 meters long and 200 meters wide, and only 200 people live there. One of the most loved dive companies in the Maldives, Fulidho Dive, the only PADI 5-star dive center on the island, is run by four-time veterans Ali Miuraj and Adela Verdier-Ali. They combine first-class service, extensive experience and knowledge, and Maldivian hospitality to make your experience unforgettable.

Fulidho Dive is partnered with eco-friendly and eco-friendly Tundi. Situated on a sandy beach just meters from the sea, this modest property is just a stone’s throw from the best diving spots, including Fulidho Cave.

Fuwahmula is located in the southern part of the Maldives at 0°17’S, the closest island to the country

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