Everything You Need To Know About Surfing

Everything You Need To Know About Surfing – Thinking about surfing in Bali? Here is the ultimate Bali surf guide – from the best surf spots in Bali for all levels to the best surf camps in Bali and more!

Surfing in Bali should be on every surfer’s bucket list, whether you’re just learning to surf or an experienced surfer.

Everything You Need To Know About Surfing

The “Island of the Gods” is the most famous island in Indonesia (there are more than 17,500!) and one of the most famous surf spots in the world. And with good reason – the warm water, the waves, the breaking waves and the low price of life tick all the boxes for a great surf trip!

Surfing At The Olympics

I have been coming back to Bali for years and although it has changed between all the developments, it is the same fun, tropical island and surf as always!

While surfing in Bali is possible all year round, the time of year you travel can have a big impact on the weather and the surf spots you’ll pay for – so be sure to keep that next step in mind when planning the your Planning a surf. trip to Bali!

Traveling on the shoulder or in the wet is cheaper and less crowded. But remember, depending on the time of year, you’ll go east or west for the best waves…

Of course, if you are looking for the perfect combination of weather and waves, go to West Bali in the dry season and you will be spoiled for choice with all the great spots that shine!

Things Every Beginner Surfer Needs To Know

The water temperature in Bali is tropical all year round, so get out those bikinis and ballet flats! In wet weather, you may want to wear a thermal rashie.

Before we dive into the breakdown of all the main surf spots in Bali, including break types and the best surf spots for different abilities, here’s a Bali surf map so you can keep track of it all!

When it comes to surfing in Bali during the rainy season, the east coast, which offers plenty of straight hands, is the place to be. Here are some of the best places to paddle…

The home of the WSL scene in Bali is where most surfers make their living knowing all about this wave. Once on the right breaking through the mouth of a rocky river, be ready for barrels and multi-gas units. So go to the canal in Lake Toledo or Medina and see how you compete on this fantastic wave!

What Is The Value Of A Wave? How Changes To Our Coastline Could Wipe Out Surfing’s Benefits

Once the hidden gem of Bukit and the rainy season, word has spread about Green Bowl (sometimes called Green Ball), but its remote location and access still keep the crowds and the big waves pounding.

This right breaks on sharp rocks, so it’s not suitable for beginner surfers – be careful with the current too, you’ve been warned!

Less a surf spot, more an area with many reefs Nusa Dua is home to some of Bali’s best surfers and some great surfers. Although it is among the luxury resorts that live in the area and the white beaches, this is not the first place.

Strong enough to hold a big storm in the right hand of Sanur and break on a very sharp and very flat rock – so only experienced surfers should be willing to leave a piece of skin after your session!

Best Surfing Course In Mulki, Mangalore & Udupi

Keramas Serangan has one of the most famous waves of the rainy season, so it is very crowded when it is active. But the left-right choice has a lot of waves to go through, so it’s worth checking the uppercuts and making space.

Aren’t you talking about surfing in Bali? It is not a country, but the tropical island of Sri Lanka is right in front of the Sofitel hotel in Nusa Dua. Like Padang right, it’s quick to pick up, roll in and out – it’s also very busy, so be prepared for the excitement.

Surfing in Bali in the dry season is a western activity – where some of the world’s most famous surfers come to work and provide some of the most epic runs…

The airport – known as Kuta Reef – is a short walk from Kuta’s main beach and, surprisingly, on the other side of the runway (what’s that name?!). This deep water reef can handle some large sizes and is easy to miss from the shore.

Surfing’s Olympic Qualification Process

Throwing left and right (depending on which side you’re surfing) is best left to advanced surfers.

Right in front of Finns Beach Club (see my full Bali Beach Club guide here) you’re never far from a beer in the surf or just to cool off in the pool and watch the waves crash after your party!

Echo Beach is located a few hundred meters from the coast from the main part of Canggu. This area has two main divisions – the reef and the beach. Echo Reef has a short left hand but is old enough to throw some cheeky covers.

Both options require you to be aware of the tides as they can be very shallow and spill over the rocks below!

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This funky little rock is in front of the beach bar of the same name, just to the right of the Echo. Deep rocky descents for aggggggggs and I climbed over 200m. Flying is great, but then get ready for some rail-to-rail gameplay in easy wall sections.

It can be like a dream with the lessons here, but it is good for fun surfing or longboarding, but it can also handle some large sizes.

O Medevi! A dream for long riders! This fun will have you sliding on the rock for days and I believe your hands will feel like noodles after a session here, but for all the right reasons! It’s been a secret place for the past few years, but don’t expect an empty event.

Since the Bukit Peninsula is full of world-class waves, I thought I’d give it its own section in the guide and if you’re a true surfer then surfing in Bali wouldn’t be complete without it. Mark these places on your to-do list! However, a general rule of thumb if you want to get the most out of this place is that the dry season is the best time to do it.

Surfing Uluwatu // The 2022 Ultimate Surfing Uluwatu Guide (updated)

The left reef of Balangan is fast and bumpy and great on all tides, although low tide makes more swell, especially in big swells. The most important thing in Balangan is the speed to do the part! A great spot for experienced surfers that is less crowded than other areas in the area.

It is one of the busiest in Bukit, as it offers waves for all wave levels and the beach is home to many luxury hotels and resorts. It’s at its best at low tide and offers left and right sides (of course, the left side is longer), which is a great place for rock climbing – but when the waves blow there There are many bars for intermediate surfers.

One of Bukit’s most consistent, fun and beautiful waves, Bingin Left is a mecca for those looking for clean, open waves. It’s usually crowded and there’s an option to walk – but it’s worth it if you stumble upon one of those crazy lefties.

Named for the fact that the speed of the barrels and parts of the Impossible is more like a picture book, shaking for more than 400 m. However, if caught in the right conditions (5+ feet at mid to low tide) you should be prepared for the wave of your life…and paddle out accordingly! However, don’t be fooled by how big and beautiful this surf is – only for advanced surfers!

Everything You Need To Know About Different Surfing Styles

Paddle, swing, coude, spit – this is Padang Padang! This left hole is one of the most famous fairways in the world and the home of the Ripcurl Padang Padang Cup. It’s certainly amazing to see, but it’s only reserved for advanced surfers!

If you are a beginner or intermediate in Padang rock, it will be colder, but the storm will be tolerable!

Save the best – and most popular – for last! What can I tell you about Uluwatu (aka Ulus) that you may not know? When the cave is rowed, the speed of the section in Race Race, EA becomes bar. Uluwatu is so famous that you shouldn’t paddle out if you’ve never heard of it – so grab a cold beer.

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