Packing For The Maldives: What To Bring And What To Leave Behind

Packing For The Maldives: What To Bring And What To Leave Behind – The Maldives is one of the most photogenic travel destinations I have ever been to. From sparkling sea foam to tropical sunshine, this is the ultimate escape!

Depending on the type of trip you are planning, you may spend most of your time in the sun or on the water. You won’t need much, so pack things you can mix and match with swimwear.

Packing For The Maldives: What To Bring And What To Leave Behind

Packing For The Maldives: What To Bring And What To Leave Behind

Use my ideas below, but change as needed depending on the weather and when you’re planning your own Maldives trip!

Maldives Packing List: Essentials For A Perfect Vacation Story

Weather: Typically a “summer” month, June is a hot, humid and very pleasant month to visit the Maldives, especially if you don’t mind the occasional downpour. During this month, the average daily temperature will hover around 80ºF.

1. Sun hat // It’s hot on the white sand beaches and you need a hat. I love big hats for a few days at the resort pool and beach.

2. Body Glow // COOLA is my go-to sunscreen for sunny holidays! Their products smell amazing, provide excellent protection and are made from natural and organic ingredients.

3. Splashproof Aloha Bag // The Aloha bag is a lifesaver for any vacation that involves bikinis. Use it as a sand-proof bag to store your phone at the beach, or keep wet bikinis inside so your other clothes don’t get wet. They are waterproof so they keep water out or in depending on what you need!

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5. Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe Weekender // This weekend bag from Lo & Sons is my go-to for short trips and longer trips as a carry-on. It’s made of durable, lightweight fabric and comes in great colors!

The Catalina Deluxe Weekender comes in two sizes, small and large, and is easy to wash and fold when you return from your dream vacation. It always amazes me how much I can fit into this bag!

7. Mini Dress // A mini dress is perfect for a fancy dinner or date night on your vacation!

Packing For The Maldives: What To Bring And What To Leave Behind

10. Kaftan // I love kaftans for beach and pool days. They are stylish enough to wear as a dress, but completely practical as a bikini cover-up.

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11. Jumpsuit // I recommend bringing a jumpsuit for those tropical days where you might get caught in an afternoon storm. Cover your legs but keep it trendy!

13. Strap Bikini Top & Bottom // All white looks great in tropical destinations and this strappy bikini from L*Space is my go-to for turquoise sea days!

14. Tropical Bikini Top & Bottom // Support? Take a look. Convenience? Take a look. Style? Double checked! The Peruvian Palm Haute tank has it all! With a high neck, tank-style silhouette, this watercolor palm print is perfect for being active without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction.

15. Sandals // A stylish pair of beaded sandals is perfect for the Maldives. Dress it up or down for a day at the beach or a sunset dinner. You can also pair them with a wedge or other colored sandal if you want to make sure you have a pair for every outfit. If you’re lucky enough to make it to the Maldives, you’ll want to make sure you pack everything you need! This ultimate packing list will help you make sure you don’t forget anything important.

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From swimwear and sunscreen to mosquito repellent and sunglasses, you’ll be ready for your beach vacation with this list!

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Since the Maldives is a tropical destination, you’ll want to wear clothing that will help you deal with the heat. Consider loose clothing, preferably in light colors and breathable materials, shorts, t-shirts, rompers, etc. This goes for your PJs too!

Packing For The Maldives: What To Bring And What To Leave Behind

I also can’t stress enough how important it is to wear a straw hat to protect yourself from the sun. And it looks great in photos too.

What To Pack For The Maldives: Travel Packing List

However, remember that the Maldives is also a Muslim country. So you should pack either a maxi dress, or some light pants and a scarf (not for the head, but to cover the arms and neckline as most summer clothes have straps) if you are at Male airport or if you are. like to leave the resort to visit one of the local islands.

When it comes to swimwear and bikinis, I avoid designs that are too creative with the crop. That’s because no matter how much sunscreen you put on, you’ll still end up looking at a strange pattern. Better to keep the ones for the pool.

If you enjoy snorkeling, we encourage you to buy a one-piece swimsuit with sleeves like this one. This is because your back and shoulders are almost always above the water, so these areas are more prone to sunlight.

I had it on my trip there and it was not fun. For the second snorkeling trip to see the manta rays, I took a t-shirt with my bathing suit to protect my shoulders (also a trick).

What To Wear In Maldives Local Islands

You should also bring a pareo or beach dress to cover up when you go to your room or to the bar to order a refreshing drink. Beach towels are not necessary in most cases, as hotels usually provide them.

Make sure you carry a good SPF with you and in plenty! I have fair skin and lots of freckles and moles, so I don’t look anything under 50. You can go lower depending on your skin, however, I recommend always keeping it above 25. This is also important. to check the UVA protection factor. The higher the better.

Also, buy organic when you can. The Maldives reef is suffering a lot and every little step we take to protect it and help things recover.

Packing For The Maldives: What To Bring And What To Leave Behind

Since you will be spending a lot of time in the sun and in salt water, be sure to wear a hair mask to condition your hair. And although you’ll get shower gel and shampoo from your hotel, I recommend bringing your own, especially the latter.

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I am currently using the Kemon Actyva Nuova Fibra range for my thin, damaged, discolored hair. The stylist who did my blonde balayage recommended it.

No matter how hard you work, sunscreen accidents can happen, so bring aloe vera gel or another sunscreen. For example, I got a terrible sunburn on my bum of all places when I was waiting for my boyfriend to come back from his catamaran trip. I used to put on SPF, but maybe it rubbed off on the cloth.

You should also bring your favorite skin care and other products that you use frequently. You can also pack some makeup when eating out at restaurants (if you want, of course).

If you’ve read my post “25 Things You Need to Know Before Going to the Maldives,” you already know that mosquitoes aren’t usually a problem on the islands. In my 8 days I didn’t see one. However, I still recommend bringing a bottle of insect repellent (you can click the “Climate Promises” checkbox if you want to filter out eco-friendly options) with you, just in case.

Maldives Packing List: What To Pack For The Maldives

I’m a little paranoid about mosquitoes and the diseases they can carry, so I brought a doctor-recommended product. I also used it when I traveled to Malaysia and Thailand and it was really good, I didn’t get bitten once.

It’s called Care Plus Anti-Insect Spray and it comes in a DEET and Natural version (I usually spray Natural when I’m at the beach because I get angry in the water). I don’t know how it works globally.

The Maldives is one of the most scenic destinations, so naturally you want to take a lot of beautiful photos. So don’t forget your camera. Or your memory cards (yes, cards). Or your charging cable!

Packing For The Maldives: What To Bring And What To Leave Behind

To save space in your luggage, we strongly encourage you to take a mirrorless camera. They take great photos but are small and light unlike DSLRs.

What To Pack For A Baby In The Maldives

I love the quality of Sony mirrorless cameras: I first bought the Alpha 5100 after a LOT of research and I’m very happy.

So when I damaged the flip lenses that came with it (by dropping it hard on a concrete surface – before dropping it on soft ground and it was fine :D), I got its brother: the Alpha A6000.

To take pictures in the water and capture the colorful fish when diving, I recommend getting a waterproof camera like a GoPro. Before we bought ours, we tried many cheaper action cameras and the quality was not good enough.

If you want to take photos like the one above (middle below), then you need a water dome for your GoPro. This is because without it the images look very distorted.

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Before bringing your drone, be sure to check with the hotel

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