Things To Know Before Going To Thailand

Things To Know Before Going To Thailand – Thailand is one of the most touristic countries in the world. In 2018, 38.28 million tourists visited the “Land of Smiles”. It’s not hard to see why: beautiful beaches, delicious food, many temples, diving in clear waters… Thailand has a lot to offer visitors, regardless of your budget. . After visiting this country several times, I decided to make a list of 10 things to do before traveling to Thailand! Our main goal is to help you travel to Thailand.

As a frequent traveler, avoiding ATM fees is part of traveling. I do everything my bank will not charge me for transactions. Unfortunately I had a problem in Thailand where all ATMs charge a fee for all foreign cards. I would like to know before traveling to Thailand. The highest fee I have seen in the world, they will charge you 200 Thai baht (€5.6 / $6.3) to produce.

Things To Know Before Going To Thailand

Things To Know Before Going To Thailand

Yes, 20 baht (€0.56 / $0.63), we found this price outside the tourist area when renting a scooter. You can get noodle soup with some meat or rice with fried chicken for this price.

Thailand Will Start Collecting Tourist Fee In June — What To Know

Another great option for budget travelers who want to eat well in Thailand is to visit local markets. Women often have many dishes in front of them. You can order a plate of rice and point to the plate. The dishes are usually very tasty (and spicy…) usually 30 baht per dish, or 40 if you combine two dishes.

40 to 50 baht is the price when you order food near the tourist area or near the center. Of course, it will be more expensive if you go to a fancy restaurant or order western food.

Thai people eat 5 or 6 times a day. Therefore, portions tend to be smaller than average. Her husband didn’t care because it was so hot that she felt like she was not eating enough.

We love and use the app a lot in our travels around the world. Usually cheaper than the competition, unless… you’re in Thailand! Well, if you’re traveling to Thailand, you’ll find more options on Agoda than on Every hostel found in both areas is the cheapest in Agah.

Thailand Travel Tips: What To Know, Do, And Budget • Jagsetter

You should know: Book on Agoda with a credit card! By ordering with your card, you’ll get cheaper deals and avoid ATM fees!

With our tent it is easy to find a free place. We camped on the beach several times. Sometimes, the tourist police ask you to camp near the building, because it’s safer than camping outside and they usually have grass for that. Also, sometimes you shower at the police station. Camping is a great way to travel Thailand on a budget!

If you are not camping, you are welcome in any Buddhist temple in Thailand. Don’t expect hotel service and comfort and you will find it. A great way to learn about Buddhism and temple life.

Things To Know Before Going To Thailand

Scooters are very comfortable, and you will see a lot of them in Thailand. As a foreigner, you can rent a scooter with just your passport and cash. The cheapest deal I saw was around 150 baht (€4.2 / $4.7) per day, but most places will rent for 200 or 250 per day. Of course, you will get a discount if you rent on a weekly or monthly basis. One thing to be aware of is that scams are very common, so check Google Maps to find a reliable company with some reviews.

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Thailand drives on the left, on the English side, so it takes a while if you’re not used to it.

Trains in Thailand are very cheap. Besides traveling, it is the cheapest way to travel! There are buses and minivans that connect many destinations, it will be faster but the train is a unique experience.

We took the night train between Champhon and Hat Yai, which according to the map is 480 km between the two cities. It takes more than 8 hours and the ticket costs 189 baht (€5.30 / $5.96). The same trip during the day will only cost 79 baht (€2.21 / $2.49) and take 2 hours.

Don’t expect comfort at this price. The train is equipped with a fan, and sometimes A/C, but you have to pay more for a seat in the A/C carriage. You only have the choice of a seat or a bed. Of course, the bed is also very expensive! 392 baht (€11 / $12.35) will be the same overnight trip for a single bed in a fan car and 572 baht (€16.04 / $18.03) for a bed in an A/C car.

A Modern Tour Of Ayutthaya Thailand: A 3 Day Historic Tour Of A Bygone

If the train is not too hot, you can open the windows of the fan car and lower the steel blinds to reduce the effect of the sun. There is a lot of dust inside.

It can also be a good choice during the day. At one point, we took a train between Ho Hin and Prachap Kheri Khan, a distance of 95 km. It takes about half an hour, only 19 baht (€0.53 / $0.6) for the ticket. But it was an hour late.

Bonus for parents: if you travel with a child, free up to 3 years old! You can also get a discount for children between 3 and 11 years old.

Things To Know Before Going To Thailand

We have traveled a lot in Thailand and we have come to this conclusion: Thailand is one of the easiest countries in the world to get a lift. Although drivers usually do not have a very good level of English, they are very helpful. It feels like riding a car in Japan. You might end up in a 4×4 wreck and that’s part of the fun! If you want to travel to Thailand on a budget and meet the locals, then hitchhiking is something to consider!

Things You’d Better Know Before Traveling To Thailand

The roads are good, although there are no highways. You can easily walk from one of the large gas stations along the road. Many Thai people like to stop there, they usually find restaurants, 7/11 and free toilets at the gas station.

Reliable internet is important because I teach online. I have to work every day. I noticed that in most of the hostels we stayed in, Skype is not enough to make proper video calls. That’s why I did my online teaching job with the information I received. You can buy a SIM card in many places, from official shops to airports or just 7/11.

I bought a SIM card on 7/11 for 50 baht (1.40 € / 1.57 $) but it was difficult to charge it, they have many options with different durations! Finally, the employee of the official store made me only 100 bytes (€ 2.81 / $ 3.15) for 5 gigabytes, with a valid “special offer” for a week. Great for traveling Thailand on a budget!

A few things to know first: You can easily continue your overland journey from Thailand via Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar or Malaysia. Make sure you get your visa from the Myanmar embassy first! You can get a visa on arrival for Laos and Cambodia for about $30, and Malaysia is a visa-free country for most citizens. I have crossed all these borders many times except the most famous one: between Cambodia and Thailand. I avoided it, and if you cross it see that this border is notorious for fraud and bribery.

Thailand Travel Advice & Safety

From all these crossing points, I was not cheated or bribed. I crossed the Mae Sut border into Myanmar twice, and it was very fast and big. This is supposed to be the best border crossing into Myanmar.

I also crossed the border between Thailand and Laos twice, once at Vientiane/Nong Khe, which is crowded with locals, and once at Huai Xin, a popular student border. They didn’t have a bridge so they crossed by boat. There was no bribery or fraud but it took a while because there were a lot of foreigners passing by. There are many borders between Malaysia and Thailand, I tried three and it works, no problem!

Most European and Asian citizens do not need a visa to enter Thailand. Most African or Central/South American citizens will apply for a visa first at the embassy.

Things To Know Before Going To Thailand

It was a bit confusing for a while. Some residents require 30 days if any

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