Things To Know Before Traveling To Italy

Things To Know Before Traveling To Italy – For decades, Italy has been at the top of many travelers’ wish lists. The country is majestically beautiful, has world-class cuisine and a spoken language that will have you drooling and falling in love instantly. It’s easy to fall in love the moment you visit, but there are a few things you need to know before visiting Italy.

I have had the pleasure of spending time in Italy on several occasions and have found many things to know before traveling to Italy; Here are a few to note. Also check out our ultimate list of Italy travel tips!

Things To Know Before Traveling To Italy

Things To Know Before Traveling To Italy

One of the most important things to know before traveling to Italy is that it is a huge and diverse country! What most people don’t know is that this boot-shaped country has 20 different regions, and each offers something completely different to travelers. The areas are as follows:

Things To Know When Traveling To Italy

A small, easy-to-navigate country with an efficient rail network, allowing you to see much of Italy in one trip!

Italians like to go home in the afternoon, have lunch, relax with family and go back to do business. Many businesses stay open late in Italy after 10 p.m., so this siesta hour is justified.

Most late-night restaurants don’t open until seven or later. If you are a fast eater, better plan your meals accordingly to avoid feeling hungry.

This is one of the must-visit restaurants before visiting Italy. Many restaurants have a fixed cover charge”

Things You Need To Know Before Traveling To Italy

” is charged per person. Unless an Italian restaurant is marked as “no resort fee”, you can get used to paying when you sit down in a restaurant.

It can be between 1 and 5 euros, and no, not only because you are a tourist. Italians and foreigners have to pay to sit at the table. You are usually served bread, oil, vinegar, salt and pepper under the capardo at the start of the meal. Whether you eat the bread or eat it now, you will be charged.

Best not to assume bread is free like in America. Usually these fees are not mentioned in advance and you do not intend to deduct them from the account.

Things To Know Before Traveling To Italy

Also, it’s not customary to tip extra in Italy, which makes me like Cuperto a lot. It’s much easier and simpler than tipping in the US. Read our information on tipping in restaurants across Europe.

Top 5 Things To Know Before Going To Italy

It’s called olive oil! In Italy you will only find olive oil and a little vinegar for your salads.

Trust me, your American favorites can’t be found in a coffee shop, fancy restaurant or grocery store. Ah, bye dress up farm – crazy bikini season! Italy, my hip, thank you.

Cappuccino and espresso are everywhere in Italy and they are wonderful. Our day in Italy wasn’t complete without three glasses of bubbly goodness. Italy is not known as the cheapest country in the world, but espresso and coffee are cheap and affordable for everyone.

We usually pay €1.50 for a cappuccino and €1-1.20 for an espresso. Anything over €2 will receive direct tourist payment. This is fine and expected if you are in a super touristy cafe (like Cafe Florian in Venice).

Things To Know Before Traveling To Italy For Students And Tourists

It should be noted that having a coffee near a bar counter (standing) and sitting down to be served at the table will give you a price difference of a few euros. Seating is in high demand in Italy, and sitting down with friends for a cappuccino comes at a price.

If you’re looking for a quick coffee, choose a cheaper espresso or cappuccino. Also, don’t order your cappuccino at the bar and bring it to the table. On the contrary, a coffee bar might have a few round tables to stand on while you sip your coffee, but sitting down comes at a different price.

Another random tip for traveling to Italy is that if you order a latte in Italy you get a glass of milk. 🙂

Things To Know Before Traveling To Italy

In Italian “latte” means “milk” and if you order a “latte” in Italy you will get a cup or glass of milk, not a coffee drink with milk and espresso. A coffee drink made of milk and espresso is called “café latte” in Italy.

Important Things You Need To Know Before You Visit Italy

For a developed country, Italy seriously lacks decent Wi-Fi. We find the WiFi to be less than satisfactory in most hostels and Airbnb hotels. This surprised us, and then we discovered a study that showed that more than 30% of Italians are not online.

However, things are changing and the internet situation in major Italian cities is much better these days than when we first visited Italy 10 years ago.

Italy has long resisted Starbucks, but opened its first store in Milan in 2018, and since then several Starbucks have popped up in Italian cities.

Anyway, when we go to Italy every year, it’s hard to find cafes in Italy like we do back home.

Things To Know Before Visiting Italy: From Planning To Packing

We rarely sit down for a few hours and pull out the laptop. A simple concept popular elsewhere is not common in Italy. If you don’t have a job, this shouldn’t be a problem, but if you’re on a working holiday, you might struggle!

Italians are friendly and polite, but I still find that learning a few words of their language would go a long way. These words are too easy! “Ciao” can be used to say hello and goodbye, “Grazie” is used everywhere to say thank you, and if the locals take you for Italian, “

” (I don’t understand). Or grab a book in Italian! Read my full list of what to bring to Italy here.

Things To Know Before Traveling To Italy

Buying tickets at the bus or train station is not enough when traveling by public transport. You’ll need to test them on small nearby machines to prove you’re using Access.

Italy Travel Tips: Things To Know Before Traveling To Italy

Failure to do so could result in huge fines and a disgruntled inspector, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The best way to get to many Italian cities is to connect via Rome. Rome Termini Station is an important transport hub connecting the rest of Italy. This proved to be a pain as we didn’t feel like crossing town and going anywhere else.

However, many trips to Italy begin in Rome; I recommend taking at least three days to explore the city.

It’s one of the oldest in the world and I’m reinventing myself. You can get a three-hour tour to visit the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s to make the most of your time.

Essential Italy Travel Tips To Know Before Your First Trip — Salt & Wind Travel

Naples has the best (and cheapest) pizza in Italy. Worth coming into town for the 5 euro margherita pizzas. It may have ruined my future pizza, but it was worth getting that perfect lipstick pizza for once.

For a country with two cities ranked among the top 10 pickpocketing destinations in the world, we never felt like our property was in danger. That may be the New York mentality, but we find Italy to be an incredibly safe country to travel to.

Use common sense and try to look like a complete tourist; Don’t worry This is especially true if you are outside cities like Rome, Naples and Milan and spending your time in places like the Dolomites or Sorrento.

Things To Know Before Traveling To Italy

Spaghetti bolognese is not found everywhere and cannolis are only popular in Sicily. Also, you won’t see any pepperoni. Instead, you’ll find authentic Italian staples like bruschetta al pomodoro, pizza covered in delicious prosciutto, and spaghetti alla carbonara instead of fettuccine alfredo. And cheese – drool!

Practical Things To Know Before Going To Italy

Oh, and don’t even get me started on cheese in Italy. It’s delicious and fresh; Nothing in your average supermarket compares. For four years, I worked for the American restaurant chain Carappa’s Italian Grill. The “Italian” food we think we know doesn’t even compare. General rule – don’t tell Italians you know Italian food well because your favorite restaurant is Olive Garden.

There’s good ice cream and shit – even in Italy. Read your reviews online and check out a few different stores. When you see the best, you know. Our favorite gelato in Italy is at Florence and Gelateria della Passera.

Italy is quite different from north to south. Italy has 20 regions, each specializing in different wines, foods and traditions. I wonder what a country looks like

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