Things To Know When Traveling To Cancun

Things To Know When Traveling To Cancun – Heading to this hotspot in the Yucatan Peninsula? Here are some important things you should know before traveling to Cancun. 1. Yes, Cancun has culture

Known as the Las Vegas of Mexico, Cancun is a nonstop high-energy destination of nightlife, beaches and all-inclusive resorts. However, that’s not all Cancun has to offer.

Things To Know When Traveling To Cancun

Things To Know When Traveling To Cancun

There is another side. It’s laid-back, sophisticated, artsy and full of interesting local culture. Visit the Cancun Maya Museum, where you can learn about the Mayan civilization that ruled the Yucatan Peninsula and all of Mexico until the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century. Alternatively, you can climb or zipline over ancient ruins for a thrilling experience.

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Get out of the touristy areas and find a local restaurant where you can find cheaper, more authentic Mexican food. Enjoy some local music venues and listen to traditional Mexican music. You can also browse local shops for unique handcrafted items from Cancun. More than just cookie cutter chain resorts, Cancun has its own distinct identity.

If your friends and family look terrified when you tell them you’re going to Mexico, reassure them that it’s not as dangerous as you think. Most of the time, you’ll be in popular spots frequented by locals and tourists alike, and are generally safe.

Of course, Cancun is a big city, so it also has street crime, just like any other big city. It’s always important to be aware of your surroundings, don’t carry too much bling or large amounts of money, and avoid walking in dark, dark places at night. But again, it’s good advice wherever you go.

Also, as we always recommend when it comes to travel safety, read up on the most common scams so you know what to look out for before heading to Cancun.

Cancun Travel Guide

Visiting Cancun at an ideal time of year means traveling a bit in the off-season so you can avoid the crowds, but not off-season until the hurricanes hit because that would be fun.

The cheapest time of year to go to Cancun is September to October, the height of the rainy season. Hotels are cheaper and the beaches are packed, but be sure to check the weather forecast for warnings of an approaching storm before you book your trip.

If you want the biggest party vibe, visit in the spring of March. This is when you have the best nightlife scene and the most opportunities to hang out with other young and adventurous travelers. If the purpose of your travels is to rest and recharge rather than drink tequila from the belly of a stranger, then you can avoid this time of year. Anything that floats your boat. 🙂

Things To Know When Traveling To Cancun

If you want the best weather, visit between November and April. This may be the most popular and crowded time of year, but you’re sure to get some sun.

Tips For Traveling To Cancun With Babies And Toddlers

For the best balance between pleasant weather and cheaper prices, it’s ideal to visit during the low season, November and December. This is when people start to visit the area, so it’s not that expensive, but the rain has almost stopped.

It will be much cheaper to apply sunscreen (such as aloe vera lotion) at your home drugstore before you go to Cancun. Sunscreens are super expensive in hotel stores and pharmacies. Bring some bottles, you need the sun to be strong.

Drinking water is not necessary when traveling, especially when stepping out of the touristy areas of Cancun and into the jungle. How about adding ice to your cocktails when you’re by the pool?

Hotels or restaurants must use pure ice, how do you know? The best option is for the ice to be cylindrical with a hole in the middle. That means the ice must have been cleared. However, cleared ice can come in other forms as well, so if you’re not sure, feel free to ask:

Cancun Travel Essentials

When you come to Cancun, a day trip to Chichen Itza is absolutely essential. This incredible, majestic pre-Columbian city will give you an idea of ​​how powerful and advanced the Mayan civilization was.

However, if you’re really interested in Mayan history, you might find Chichen Itza just isn’t enough. Don’t worry, there are many other fascinating Mayan ruins to visit, each with its own fascinating story and history. Here are some of the best Mayan archaeological wonders you can visit around Cancun.

You don’t need to rent a car or take a taxi to get around in Cancun, in fact there’s a great bus system that takes locals to the hotel zone and Avenida Tulum. Simply mark the driver along the tape, then use the stop request button above the armrest. Cancun buses have a flat rate of 8.5 pesos per trip. They are usually on time, safe and clean.

Things To Know When Traveling To Cancun

There is also a slightly more upmarket air-conditioned bus in the hotel zone called Bus One, which costs 11 pesos. To reach further destinations such as Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Chichen Itza, you can take a regional bus from the city center at the intersection of Uxmal and Tulum Avenues.

Cancun Mexico Travel Guide (top Tips For Tourists In 2023!)

There are also shuttle buses and buses dedicated to different tourist destinations. You can take a taxi or rent a car to get to the facility or elsewhere, but know that buses are an option. Great for budgeting.

Most tourist destinations accept your U.S. dollars, but you may pay extra for convenience. You’ll get a better deal if you change your money into pesos. The exchange rate is not regulated, so if you pay in US dollars, each outlet will set its own exchange rate, and you can bet it’s not good for you.

Plus, you’re less likely to be the target of scams and short-term changes. Plus, you’ll get all your money in pesos anyway, so using pesos means you only have to worry about one currency. The best way to get a cheap exchange rate is to buy some pesos from a local bank before going to Cancun; most banks will do this for free and give you the best rates.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, there is a beautiful and peaceful island just 20 minutes by ferry from Cancun. Shrine to the Mayan goddess Ixelle for nearly a millennium, it is now a quiet retreat where you can enjoy a drink in the shade of the palm trees.

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There are plenty of things to do on Isla Mujeres, including snorkeling with whale sharks, swimming with dolphins, playing beach volleyball, or just lying on the beach and doing nothing.

Lauren from Never Ending Footsteps fell in love with Isle of Mujeres and wrote this great post about her adventures there.

Cancun is great for sightseeing, even if you don’t speak a word of Spanish. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea to at least try to learn the local vocabulary.

Things To Know When Traveling To Cancun

A little Spanish goes a long way if you can say “Hola” and “Gracias” instead of “Hello” and “Thank you” and the locals will smile. For tips on important Spanish phrases for beginners and suggestions for language-learning resources, see this blog post.

Things Every Traveler Should Know Before Going To Cancun

Kelly is a Canadian freelance writer with a passion for art, culture, literature and adventure who loves exploring foreign countries and expressing her experiences through the power of words. The most seasoned travelers have something new to learn and the latest tips to share. Whether it’s avoiding the latest taxi scam or visiting the best beaches, there’s always something to learn about one of the world’s most popular destinations. So if you’re planning a trip to Cancun this year (or two or three), here are 7 things travelers need to know about visiting Cancun, Mexico in 2023.

Cancun’s 2021 visitor tax increase is one of the few tourism taxes officials have approved in the past two years.

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