Traveling To The Maldives In The Off-season

Traveling To The Maldives In The Off-season – Vacation in the Maldives is definitely a romantic dream of every couple, with sunny beaches, luxury hotels, crystal clear turquoise sea, colorful fish and reefs.

However, many people make ignorant mistakes in their travel planning, costing the budget and damaging the overall experience.

Traveling To The Maldives In The Off-season

But it’s not your fault because Maldives is unique compared to other countries so these mistakes are beyond your expectations. In this article, we will highlight some for you.

The Man Who Made The Maldives A Luxury Mecca

The Maldives is ideal for a short stay rather than a long stay, unless you are into specific activities like diving and deep sea fishing. Anything more than 1 week would be too much in our opinion.

Stay of 4 to 5 days in one hotel and 7 days in 2 hotels. Choose quality vacations over quantity when you’re in the Maldives.

Note: don’t stay in several hotels on a short trip, it’s not as easy as taking a taxi to get to another hotel. Exchange in the Maldives can be very difficult and expensive.

When the Maldives is mentioned, people associate luxury and romance. Although you can travel to the Maldives on a budget of RM1,950 per person, we feel that you are missing out on the most important element of the Maldives, similar to not visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The Maldives In October 2023

So when everyone in our group was asked for feedback, the response was pretty much the same: “We’re coming back for a luxury stay, not a cheap one.”

This is a very important criterion that people often overlook when planning their holiday in the Maldives. Male, the capital of the Maldives, is the most visited destination.

Transportation to the airport in the Maldives is very expensive. Therefore, you should check how much the transfer to your hotel costs, as most hotel prices do not include the transfer, which can be quite expensive.

You can arrange speedboat transfers at hotels near Male, which range from $50 to $200 per person round trip. Some hotels require pick-up, so double check.

Maldives Weather In September 2023

Hotels located far from Mali require a seaplane transfer. Seaplane transportation costs $350 to $450 per person round trip.

So, not only do you need to compare hotel prices, but you also need to check the transfer costs, because we had a friend who paid $70 per night, but found out that the hotel can only be reached by seaplane and thus paid an additional $350.

Note: If you arrive in the evening or fly early in the morning, you may need to sleep in Male, check with your hotel.

Most of the hotels are located on their own private island, so it is the only hotel on the island. We recommend a shorter stay if you get bored quickly after 4 or 5 days.

Why Travel In Low Season To The Maldives?

Since there is only one hotel on the island where you will stay, your meals will be at the same hotel every day. Although the selection is limited, dining can be expensive. Always plan on $50 per meal.

If possible, book a full board rate that includes food and drink during your stay, it’s less of a hassle than ordering an expensive meal.

Not all hotels have a lagoon nearby, so you may have to spend a little more for diving or a trip to a nearby island.

Some activities are located at a specific location, such as whale watching, so find out how long it takes to get there, even if your hotel offers this excursion. The locals are used to sea transportation, but as foreigners we may not be used to a 5-hour boat ride one way, especially people who are prone to seasickness.

Maldives Holiday Weather

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Luxury hotel reviewer and destination blogger. Passionate about travel, new cultures and divine food, Tommy has traveled to 42 countries and more than 140 destinations. Worried about visiting the Maldives in the ‘rainy season’? So we were. We visited the Maldives in July and highly recommend it! Read below why:

If you’re like many couples who get married in the summer months in the US and Europe, that means you’ll be planning your honeymoon between June and August. We got married at the end of June and while looking for honeymoon destinations, we were nervous about booking our trip to the Maldives during their rainy season! While other honeymoon destinations like Bora Bora are at their peak, booking the Maldives is notoriously difficult.

In the Maldives, the high season usually runs from December to March, which coincides with the least rainy months the island nation experiences. The months from May to November are usually called the slow season with both positive and negative. We’ve found July to be the perfect time to visit the Maldives and highly recommend going in the low season!

Remote Lands Favorites: 7 Luxury Resorts In The Maldives

During our research, we read that the traveler is deciding between the option of a week in the dry season or two weeks in the rainy season in the Maldives. He suggested two weeks because A) you have more vacation time and B) it increases the chance of rain. This was one of the best tips we’ve read!

One of the biggest perks of traveling to the Maldives during the summer months from June to August is half off resort nights during peak season! For us, this means we can stay twice as long and increase the chance of rain. We highly recommend staying longer in the summer, so if you have a few rainy days, you have a better chance of getting many days of beautiful sunshine! A short trip in the dry season is likely to cost a similar amount.

Since it was off-season in the Maldives and high season for other honeymoon destinations like Bora Bora, we were able to stay longer in the Maldives than in Bora Bora. The prices were very low!

Did it rain in the Maldives? Absolutely! But the rain usually lasted only an hour and we only had a few days where most days were cloudy and drizzly. ​​​​​​​If you look at the picture below of the average rainfall in the Maldives, you can see that there are only three “less” rainy months in the year compared to July – January, February and March.

Everything You Need To Know About The Maldives

Of the remaining “rainy months”, July is actually the driest month of the entire year! If you are planning a trip to the Maldives, we recommend staying in July. Even if it rains a little, the quiet island is very relaxing (and warm) in all weather conditions.

All in all, yes, you are taking an extra weather risk to travel to the Maldives during the monsoons. But all things considered, despite worrying about the same thing – we felt it was worth it. (USA) July is the driest month of summer – try to stay longer!

We love travel and photography and started looking for our one day to share our adventures. Read our full story… The Maldives presents visions of overwater villas in turquoise waters and couples on romantic honeymoons in five-star resorts. With white sandy beaches and incredible diving and surfing opportunities, these islands have a lot to enjoy.

Ready for a vacation? Being a year-round destination, it’s always a good time to go to the Maldives. ​​​​​​​​​However, if you want guaranteed sunny weather, it is better to aim for the period between December and March for your visit. During those months, there will be plenty of sunshine outside, but it will be broken up by rain and clouds – and you can save some money. Whatever you decide, you’ll still get the Maldives experience. Here’s how to choose the best month to visit the Maldives.

Top 13 Maldives Resorts For A Luxurious Vacation

Editor’s note: There are travel restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic and hours of operation may vary. Check the latest Maldives guidelines before planning your trip and always follow local health advice. Events are subject to change.

December to February is the best time in the Maldives. Travelers can expect light rain, low humidity and blue skies. However, the Christmas and New Year holidays include big price increases, and resorts often require a minimum stay of five or more days.

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The good weather will last until the end of April, and the temperatures will be the highest. The surfing season starts in March and lasts until October. Although this is the traditional ramen season, prices skyrocket for Easter.

Travel Tips For Maldives

Storms and rain are more frequent, but the climate remains warm and resorts are the cheapest. Prices rise in August to coincide with the European summer holidays. At this point, marine life is more diverse on the western side of the atoll.

It’s high season in the Maldives and Europeans are coming for their winter holidays. The first week marks the end of party season, which means there may be some minimum stay requirements

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