What To Know When Traveling To Greece

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Greece is a friendly, hippie sibling of the Mediterranean community. Its rocky islands and various blocks of sugar-cube houses are travel ads all over the world – but this country is more colorful and diverse than a pin-up (usually in the Cyclades).

What To Know When Traveling To Greece

What To Know When Traveling To Greece

From the hot, dusty mountains and crumbling temples of Athens – to the cobbled streets and the perfect spots for forgettable advertising photos – to small, timeless islands like Milos and Symi, you can. Greece is experiencing 20 consecutive summers and this does not scratch the surface of its beauty.

Things To Know Before Traveling To Greece

But wherever you go, you’re likely to encounter the lavish hospitality, rustic cuisine and gorgeous bays that make this summer popular with honeymooners, solo backpackers and young families.

Greece has waived its Covid requirements until April 29, 2022. Travelers can enter under test or quarantine regardless of vaccination status. The requirement to wear face masks in most areas of the home was also lifted on June 1, requiring masks only in public transportation and hospitals.

Ministers said the ban on the use of vaccination passports (providing proof of vaccination when entering certain areas of the country) will continue through the summer, while the government controls the number of remaining Covid-19 cases before the evaluation is complete. August. How are you doing?

Although many Greek vacationers – especially families – head to the beaches and islands during the high summer, the country is hot, windy and less crowded during the shoulder seasons: May to early June and September. Until October

Greece Travel Guide: Everything You Need To Know Before You Go

In the early summer – March and April – you can experience changeable weather or rain, so if you’re looking for sun, play it safe with a May trip. Some holiday islands, such as Santorini, are only open from spring to summer.

Athens is very hot in the summer months, so it’s best to see it in spring or late summer, when you can climb the mountain with cool and sunny weather.

Like many countries facing climate change this decade, Greece experienced a record summer of 2021 with temperatures reaching 47 degrees Celsius, and forest fires. If you are going from July to August, you should make sure you are near a pool or beach.

What To Know When Traveling To Greece

Every island in the vast Greek Sea is worth your time, but the most popular among holidaymakers are the Ionian, Cyclades and Dodecanese. In addition, there are beautiful beaches on the African continent and on the small islands close to the continent.

The Ultimate Greece Travel Guide • The Blonde Abroad

With its sugar-cube buildings, windmills and steep cliffs, Santorini is one of the more expensive places to visit in the Cyclades, but if you like your stuff good, it’s worth it. But Syros, the “Cinderella of the Cyclades,” is also now having a moment.

The Ionians are down to earth, with beautiful scenery, great hiking and family friendly hotels, and goats on the rocks.

The wealth of the Byzantine and Middle Ages, and the guesthouses on the shores of the sea, make the Dodecanese popular with history lovers and families.

Athens is a must see city break. It comes with ancient landmarks, all over the world, lots of archeology and legends for crazy antique fans, and fun, cheap restaurants and bars. There are also scattered chic, elegant boutique hotels, many with small terraces offering stunning views of the Acropolis.

Is Greece Safe To Visit In 2023?

Crete is becoming increasingly popular for its mix of natural beauty, historical sites (including Knossos, the ‘Temple of the Minotaurs’) and unique cuisine in a country with similar menus.

Of course, every major Greek island has its own festival town. But because they are big in size, for every area full of nightlife, they have many nice, quiet rooms and little accommodation. This means you should do a little geography research before you go to make sure the weather is right.

Lefkada and Zakynthos have been praised for decades for their rural beauty, with some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. You can island hopping between the Ionian Islands from spring to summer, with some boats starting at £8 one way. The small island of Ithaca, with cruises from Kefalonia, is a quiet beauty with nature and small harbors that come alive in the evenings.

What To Know When Traveling To Greece

The Peloponnese is one of Greece’s best-kept secrets, with tall, red-roofed cities and golden sandy beaches, and remote monasteries and spa retreats. Depart the coast from Kalamata Airport to explore Bougainville with its beautiful, family-run villas and stunning countryside.

Important Things To Know Before Traveling To Greece

The Saronic Islands, a small group of islands not far from Athens and the Peloponnese, have a history of hosting hedonistic, offbeat retreats for writers and artists. Leonard Cohen, writer Henry Miller and artist Nikos Hajikiriakos-Gix were just three of the famous names in the early days of Hydra tourism – a car-free, magical island known for hiking and mountain biking. A simple but delicious recipe for a backyard meal. The neighborhood of Spetses is a popular filming location, while Poros is peaceful, low-key and cheap for food and accommodation.

Every summer, a large number of visitors to Greece head for a place to relax, swim and eat – whether at the plush, beach clubs of Mykonos or the peaceful beaches of Paxos or Skopelos. And there’s no shame in doing it – most ports and villages have a few taverns and bars, so you can survive visiting one of the bigger islands (like Crete or Corfu) or visit some of the smaller islands.

In addition to living healthy and stocking up on a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, this is a land of sailors and you should do everything you can to get out. All the big beach towns offer boat trips, either to caves or small islands off the coast, and it’s easy to organize a day or afternoon for ten euros (most include a picnic on the beach and/or a glass of ouzo).

Ancient Greek wonders also make a day trip: you can, for example, head to Olympia in the western Peloponnese to see statues of ancient heroes, learn about ancient games and run in centuries-old races. Be sure to visit Knoss in Crete; Visit some of the palaces and kingdoms of Mycenae or Rhodes in the Peloponnese; Or visit the ancient stadium of Delphi, two and a half hours north of Athens. Greece’s many quiet islands are popular with tourists for their unspoiled natural beauty – in summer, go for wild flowers on your mountain hikes in small churches or in solitude.

Solo Travel Greece

The best vacation spots are unfortunately lacking in good train connections, but most of the best stops require a flight or boat ride. Many fly into Athens by domestic plane or ferry before visiting one of the islands – the latter is available, but some routes take four or six hours to get to the area. On the mainland – if you’re staying in Athens but heading to the Peloponnese, say – it’s best to rent a car.

If you are not going to Athens, flying to the main island and taking a ferry is usually a good plan. However, the ferry only operates from spring to summer (roughly March to early October, but this varies by route). If you’re flexible on your schedule, local buses can take you from the main city to the larger islands such as Corfu, Crete and Kefalonia, but you’ll need to check the timetable carefully (and it’s not always clear). ). In this sun-drenched country, the liberal attitude towards services and time has given its lifestyle the name GMT: it is “Greek maybe time”. On holiday islands like Mykonos, you are at the mercy of a few drivers.

Flights to Athens are often the most expensive routes, followed by budget flights to the main holiday islands (Rhodes, Crete, Corfu, Kos, Mykonos, etc.). From these points you can take a boat to a small area.

What To Know When Traveling To Greece

As a north-west holiday island, Corfu is a bit faster than Athens (3 hours 10 hours flight to Athens 3 hours 40). And don’t miss Preveza, 3 hours of wonder from where you can reach the mainland of the island.

Solo Travel In Greece

Getting to Greece from the UK is quite possible by train and ferry. Train travel from Eurostar to: Paris, Milan, Bari. Then you take a 16-hour ferry from Bari to Patras, where the Peloponnese meets the mainland.

Although it has the best dream hotels, Greece excels at self-catering and luxury accommodation. If you’re on a more adventurous trip, you can get old, white-tailed, towel-lined rooms (some with front desks and even swimming pools) for £40 a night, alone. Some have good ideas

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